Sunday, November 5, 2017

Properties: an induction game

Properties is a simple induction game in the same vain of Zendo and Eleusis. The main idea is that one player comes up with a secret property, for example: fuzzy, spherical, made of wood, can bounce, holds liquid, produces light, is man-made ect. Then comes up with an example that has the property and an example that does not.

The players can then ask at any time if either another object has the property or they can try to directly guess the property. If the guess is not correct the main player must give a counter example. The game continues until someone guesses the property or something close enough.

Here is an example play of the game:

Secret property: spherical

main player:
An orange has the property, but a bike does not

player 1:
Does a car have it

main player:

player 3:
Does a watermelon have it?

main player:

player 1:
I'm guessing that it is a fruit

main player:
No, because a banana doesn't have it

player 6:
Is it that it is edible?

main player:
No because a basket ball has it.

player 2:
Is the property that it is round?

main player:
Yeah! The property is that it's spherical!

The player who guessed the rule correctly now becomes the main player.

If a guess or example is ambiguous, the main player can clarify and say it's a bad example, irrelevant, doesn't really fit, or it depends on the type of example.

i.e. if the secret property is transparency, and the example is a cup, the main player could respond with, it depends on the type of cup (some are transparent some are not)

The beauty of this game is that it can be played anywhere (campfires anyone?) and is a ton of fun!